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About papago inhabitants

Did you know, you too can be a part of Papago Park!

Become a protector!

If you happen to be a true ornithophile or just someone who wants to make their own effort to protect endangered bird species from extinction, you are invited to participate in the Papago Park mission. Become a keeper of one or more birds in our park!

As a guardian, you are invited to participate in the life of your ward and your name will be publicly signed on the assigned aviary during the contracted period. Obligations in the contracted period are reduced to a minimum, and the expert team of Papago Park will continue to take care of your ward. The guardian's main task is to support his ward in all life stages and to protect his species from extinction.

The main task of Parrots is to help endangered bird species overcome the dangers of extinction and increase the global population. Therefore, we have created the necessary conditions for their breeding and rearing of newborns in the surroundings of Papago Park. Due to the task of raising a strong and healthy clutch, we selectively breed only top pairs of the most endangered species. Every hatched newborn is important to us, so every single egg is monitored by Papago's expert team.