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    Almost 30 bird species

    Papago park trenutno naseljava preko 30 različitih vrsta ptica iz gotovo svih dijelova svijeta, a svaka pojedina nastamba u Papago parku prilagođena je njenim stanovnicima.

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    More than 200 birds

    Papago Park is home to more than 200 different birds: various parrots from all over the world, pheasants, peacocks, exotic and domestic ducks, geese and chickens, ... and many other beautiful birds.

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    30 000m2 of area

    Papago park smjestio se na površini od preko 30 000m2 netaknute prirode gdje je smješteno preko 20 nastambi za ptice, 1300m šetnica, kafić za posjetitelje, edukativni centar,...

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    CITES Convention

    Papago Park unconditionally and unreservedly supports the rules of the International CITES Convention on the Protection of Endangered Species of Animals and strictly adheres to these rules!

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    ECO standards

    In addition to protecting endangered bird species, one of the tasks of Papago Park is to preserve the environment. That is why Papago Park is built exclusively of ECO materials, environmentally friendly.

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    Tailored to everyone

    Papago Park is built so that it is accessible to all, accessible and tailor-made. We took special care of people with disabilities and provided them with a quality and safe visit.

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