Published : 06.03.2018.
Author : Bernard Kranjec
Buy or not buy
After the introductory work I have to start with something and write. Here I will look at parrots and shopping in Croatia.
Now I will steal some data from Wikipedia.
Parrot, is common name in our country and fall into the family of birds of the same name. We have two "traditional" families and these are the Psittaciformes in which many types of parrots belong, while the other family is Cacatuidae (kakadu).
Psittaciformes are more prevalent than Cacatuidae and inhabit South and Central America, the southern part of North America, Africa, Madagascar, South and South East Asia, Australia and Polynesia.
The habitats are mostly low tropical and subtropical forests and forest estates.
I think a lot of this data can be found on Wikipedia. There would be something about each type and subject to writing, and perhaps later on in some of the blogs, I would have more detail about the species that I own.
The presence of parrots in Croatia is on relatively low branches. I could experience this myself when I bought the birds for myself so I did not have too many places in our contry to get the birds I wanted. I found a kennel or a parrot farm in Krizevci with Mr. Ivica Jurilj and got beautiful, healthy birds with all the papers there. It is possible to find all types of birds on various ads, it has to be very careful because it can bump into various kind of birds. People, in order to make money selling the sick birds that will shourtly cause you to sell the old bird for the young. One of the big mistakes is to buy a bird at Pet Shop. Now, the owners of the shops will crucify me. Of course, this does not apply to everyone but to the majority. They buy a bird to have such an offer, because most are based on dogs and cats. The bird (big), because of the poor paying power of our citizens, can not sell long (honorable exceptions). The bird is in such a shop attraction and everyone is approaching it and everyone is "learning" to talk so that a bird learns "good day", "hi" in a short time, and there are those pearls that repeat bad words so when you buy such a bird and she starts sharing greetings and epithets. But it's not the worst! The worst thing is that the bird has spent a certain time in a shop where people's circulation is large and the bird is a very social animal and has learned about people. Now, suddenly you buy it naturally on Saturday because you wanted to cheer your kids, so this weekend bird will be ok, but on Monday their parents go to work, kids in kindergarten and school and "Koko" (usually a parrot name) remains himself. And what's going on? The bird that was among the people and used to them suddenly stays alone for about ten hours. She gets boring, especially if there are no toys in the cage and there are the first problems getting started. The bird begins to bark when people come home and start screaming to turn their attention on it, it starts to get nervous because they do not hear the Daily News, kids can not learn ... and they start covering the bird with various cloths to darken it to sleep. And that's the end. That bird after some time becomes unusable. No contact can be made with it, it starts barking, nervous flying around and then we want to get rid of the birds. So sadly, with 70% of the parrots that were bought in the Pet Shop it is so. It is a good idea if you want to have a parrot like a pet, read all this well above what I have written, you can see the situation if you can have a pet with the pace of life. If you still decide to buy a bird at Pet Shop for some "safety", check at least how long that bird is in the shop and if it is long, ask the seller to buy another bird or if you have any options buy a bird from the breeder.
Which bird to buy? I can not answer that question or suggest to anyone, but I can tell what kind of bird (of those I have or I had before).

Budgerigar - great like a pet, great bird for beginners, easy to socialize. The problem with the tiger is the best-selling parrot and the breeders all work just to get the most quantity to sell. There are times when it is time to match the birds that are in the bloodstream, so that everything is shed. There is a degeneration of the bird that does not have to be physical every time, but has some health problem and such a bird knows it soon to die. Attention should also be paid to the purchase of all parrots but especially to the tigers whether the birds have a laboratory finding on Clamidioz or Chlamydia. Disease is often present in uncontrolled and unhygienic breeding, spreading easily to all breeding animals and dangerous for humans. Therefore, when purchasing Tigers, make sure to ask for a laboratory find on Chlamydia.

Gray African Parrots - one of the best-selling big birds. Some put them in the middle, some in the big parrots. A bird who knows how to be very interesting, intelligent, a bird that can imitate very well (it is not a rule) and for that reason people like to have it because when it comes to buying a parrot the first question is "Can it learn to talk?".
Gray African parrot belongs to those birds that can very well replicate but it is known that they do not speak and then people, become disappointed and think they are deceived because the bird just "crises". Also one of the "disadvantages" is that it binds only one person in the house (rarely more), and others do not allow it to touch, play with it ... but only to the person they have chosen. Also one of the drawbacks is that it is a very characterful bird, it has wrecked alot, so that, from anger, many times do damage to the house.

Cacatua - so now! There are more types of Cacatua and different behaviors. In the world, they are very gentle and sensitive birds, which, if they do not pay enough attention, begin to bark feathers. It is a bird that has the highest percentage of removeing the feathers. The cause of removeing may be psychic (most common) or illness. I'm going to work on the theme of barking, especially Kakadu is also a bird that has a little stronger character so that with it it takes slowly and cautiously.

Macaw - definitely the best parrot. I have two types, Cloropterus and Araraun. Both are peaceful, affordable, dear, socialized, obedient, excellent motor skills, intelligent, ... Only what are not good speakers like Gray African or Amazons. Ara just loves being a family member.

Amazona - a beautiful, dear, intelligent and good speaker, but still better to sing. The only drawback is that it has the Gray African Parrots character and can only be tied to one person. If it does not socialize at the very beginning, it becomes an unbearable and unusable bird for pets.

This is about buying parrots around us. The next thing I'm going to write about is parrot representation, parrot interest, exhibition, equipment for parrots, ....
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