Published : 22.02.2018.
Author : Bernard Kranjec
My first blog
And that happened! I started writing a blog. Why? Simply, in the last few years since I started working with birds, I learned things, and so many things have happened since I started editing the park, so I just have to record it somewhere.

How and why did I go into all this? I've always wanted to have birds just waiting for things to happen. And they did. As I lived with my parents in residential buildings with 12 apartments, of course, there was no way to keep any birds, and I was aware of it, but neither my parents had ever been for pets. I grew up in such an environment where tourism was at the first place, so it was just about talking about it, so still today. When I left my parents and started to live with Gina (I'm writing G for a readers in English because they will not know how to read) we were under-residents and it took me three years to get the first birds. Initially these were the budgerigars (which I donated), and the bearded aleksandar (who fled me and found some guy, but he did not want to give it back to me. No matter, it was important that the bird was alive). I decided to buy an African grey parrot and it was the beginning of my dreams. We bought a new apartment where I got the conditions for bird keeping. I got the first birds (Loro and Rio) and started learning, I joined with people from the world association of bird trainer, I bought books in the United States and go. The literature I was taught in English and I did not know English. Of course this was an overriding circumstance because I translate everything through Google translate, and then the translator was at its beginnings, so it was all more than deciphering the translation than anything else. Everything I learned I applied to my birds and slowly taught myself and them . It took three years, almost daily training. I remember that summer, and I in the garden at 35 degrees, all at sea, trained birds and trying to keep them in such a concentration. And the results came. In 2015 we started to work for children in tourist companies and turned a new page into our lives. What a feeling that after three years of training and the socialization of birds, you first get out among people, especially children. Then, circumstances were created for taking land to lease and beginning the realization of the Papago Park. It was a big project that needed to unite a lot of segments into one entity, to include over a number of different laws and to put together all in one story.
What will I write in my blog? So there will be a lot of themes but all about the Papago Park and Birds. You will be able to read how park arrangements, how to train birds, how to prepare for the programs, various situations we encounter, etc ...

Of course everything will be accompanied by photo and video material.

All texts will be translated into English, and as it will do my Gina, do not mind me if it is a mistake.
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