Published : 12.01.2020.
Author : Bernard Kranjec
Light at the end of the tunnel
My dear ones who follow my blog, and you who sometimes read it, I will no longer apologize for not writing because we have reached the final stage of preparing the park for the opening so I can barely manage to post the pictures on Instagram and Facebook.
Fucking game! After what I described to you in the last post, some branches were pulled out of the park.

We pulled over 50 cubic meters of branches, which we put on one pile, and we have a machine that will grind those branches into mulch (large sawdust) and, as I have described before, we will sprinkle the walkway with that mulch. We also trimmed about 60% of the park with a trimmer, so that it now looks as planned.

Fucking hard! The days are still relatively short so we work until it gets dark at 100% Power.
It was one period of rain where we couldn't work, and now we're making up for it.
We're learning a little about living in these new conditions. Eg. electricity!
Since we have a solar power plant, the electricity is unlimited, but up to a moment you have to figure it out for yourself to feel that moment.

Specifically, I had problems with a hawk attacking my birds in the habitat. He can do nothing to them but fly around the dwelling and land on the dwelling in the hope of catching a bite, and they run wild inside.

To prevent this, I started installing an additional network that prevents just such things.
In order to put that net in the housing I had to weld some brackets. Not to start the generator, I started welding electricity from the power plant. And it wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't the last sunny day. This was followed by a month and a few days of rain, and I drained all the accumulated electricity. energy from the battery. And behold miracles! No lighting, no freezer, no electric shepherd, park not protected from predators. One hundred shit in a second.

Of course, when these things happen to you, then you come to some insights that you would certainly not come to and manage how you know and save the situation.
So did I, in order to recharge the batteries, I had to connect the battery charger to the generator and thus put the park back into operation. A little thoughtlessness gave me a lot of trouble.

Now the days are sunny and the batteries are full, and during the day the whole drive is solar powered.

What I have left to do is the lake. Basically, the lake is dug, the waterfall is made, I just need to place the geotextile before the foil, I have to pull the pipes to the waterfall, get somewhere around 8 cubic meters of water and it's over. I didn't do anything about the restaurant other than buying tables and benches. I got a cooling bar that we need to bring and install, service and that's it.

Of course, I also dealt with the inevitable paperwork about the requirements for opening a zoo, the requirement for breeding birds, etc. The sea of ​​paper as it is already with us, but what must be done is not difficult. Of course, in the meantime, there was another bad storm with wind storms, so it again knocked us down about 8m of the wooden fence that we had to repair. Now we have done a little different and set up additional insurance so the thing should work.

These days, when we finish mulching branches, we go with the erection of a wooden fence around the parking lot to finish that story as well.
I don't know if there is anything new?
Anything new and up-to-date is posted on social media, so I encourage you to follow us there. And yes, we have a lot of inquiries as to whether we are open and what is our working time?

We are not open yet, and the opening hours will be posted on our official site and of course social networks Instagram, Facebook, Google, ......
That's it for now, I'm typing for you as soon as I have a moment. I have a lot of topics and one is special because it is about the person (company) who helped us, but in the next post.
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