Published : 21.10.2019.
Author : Bernard Kranjec
Back to the Future
Yes I stole the title from the famous 80s movie "Back to the Future" with Michael J.Fox in the lead role. Unfortunately, I play a major role in this return. Again, I have to apologize to all those who follow Papago Park, its construction, emergence, and especially those who read the Papago blog.

Fuck, the season was so long and arduous that it just didn't take me the time or seconds to write a blog. We worked literally from morning till tomorrow. There were birds with us everywhere (I won't even list them), and when we were not with the birds, we helped the team in the park.

Just to remind you, we didn't open the park when it was planned, because one of the contractors screwed up the thing and didn't do his job, so we lost irrecoverable at first we thought two, but it turned out three months. We smoked the season and the team that was supposed to work on the park was doing what the contractor didn't. But let's leave the performer because it's not worth mentioning. I'm just sorry We didn't sign the contract because now he would be charged huge penalties. Every school pays, except this one has cost a lot - the whole season.

And when we already lost the season then we got caught up and started doing some things to the point.
Some things were not planned, some were but we upgraded them. In any case, it turned out to be much better than originally intended.
Now someone will say "there is something good in every evil", but in this case the loss of the season cannot make up for it no matter what is done.

In this way we protected the voles from invading predators by burying the protective net underground. Setting up mechanical barriers around the park to prevent predators from entering the park.
Setting up about 2 km of electric shepherd as additional protection against the possible passage of predators under the fence.
Closing the three sides of the corner of the cage (left, right and roof) into the wood as protection against predators, wind and rain, and also creating a sense of security for the bird itself. You know that a bird as a pet must have an aviary set in the corner, that it has a wall behind it, and that it is certain that no one can reach it from the back.
Well, in some aviaries, we have installed reflectors with motion sensors that only respond at night and when something or someone comes along the aviary. Then the reflector goes off and the birds, if they are not in the houses, can see the potential danger and not fly to the wire, which could be devastating to them.

As an ornament to each aviary, we have placed a frame on the front, so that the volivary from that perspective looks like a picture with a frame. This part was not intended to be a start, but when we got deep, we used it to do it.

Since we have very creative members in the team, they have designed, among other things, a new look for a fence that separates parking from the park. An excellent and natural solution where a Buzet sawmill should help us, but we will be writing a separate blog and probably making a video.
For those who do not follow our Instagram and / or Facebook page, this summer we have adopted two birds, a Gray African Parrot named Jacques, and an Edela named Koko. We have already found Jacques a girlfriend and called her Jacqueline and after our initial introduction we will move them to a common aviary and hope for their long life together and maybe offspring.

Koko also goes into great avarice but must first go through a period of partial socialization because the bird is very shaken and has probably a difficult past that has left visible traces on it. In any case, we will try to keep her future bright.

And finally, we got another member to join our guard Chop.
A Cane Corso guard named Boo alongside the German Terrier Chop will be the pillar of security against any intrusion into the park's enclosure.
Here in a nutshell it was a brief cross-section of what happened at the park. You can view and browse our Instagram and Facebook pages for details, and be there for our activities this summer.
Once again I apologize for "neglecting" and not writing a blog.
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