Published : 29.03.2019.
Author : Bernard Kranjec
Light at the end of tunnel
Sorry, sorry, sorry! I did not write a post since 2.1.2019. I will try to give you an explanation and I hope it is justified.
So, at the end of 2018, the Papago Park project was rejected by another HAMAG-bicro institution.

Well, this HAMAG would shortly write in small letters because they do not deserve a great deal. It is an agency of the ministry of economy that should help entrepreneurs, especially start-ups, to fund various projects ... But unfortunately in our case, even in two attempts, that was not the case.

Get me a rebel without explanation and ask for a detailed explanation. I do not know who the job is doing and who has given these people the job? I'm not going to write you about their reasons now, but believe me that it has nothing to do with a healthy mind, and that people either do not know or do not want to know how things work. It's going to be this next.
I will write about the refusal when the time comes for it because it is a genial topic to deal with and show how the financial institutions of the state should be avoided because they are intended for some more.
But let it go!

I must mention that the whole project was run by one excellent person from one of the excellent consulting agencies. Since I did not ask, I will not post the name of the agency nor the person.
After the rejection, that person did not believe what had happened, but she did not let the project fail but turned to another solution. She agreed to approve a loan from a commercial bank under relatively favorable conditions.
We debited credit during December 2018, but it was approved at the beginning of January 2019.

And there begins the show !!!
The opening plan is May, and we do not know where to start work on decorating ......
So at the beginning of the year I started arranging and organizing works with contractors.
I got the best deal with the builder's firm. They did the job within 15 days, so we prepared the foundations. For the first time, I got in touch with the concrete and of course learned another thing. There was a team of 8 people and in two days they built three cottages and a pavilion. A pure ten for a job done. After that excavator excavated an 80m water pipe and 155 holes for laying concrete pylons. Kiki (my son) and I, we set up the water installation ourselves, and a fence came to mount a firm. Meanwhile, the other firm has made structures for the lodges (volumes). There were 20 buildings of 5m x 4m x 3m and each consisted of 6 parts. It is a total of 120 pieces of different sizes. Each part should have two layers of primer and two layers of cover paint, then pulling the mesh on each part and finally assembling on the locations envisaged for it.

The rest is still setting up a solar power plant, landscaping and cleaning the forest, arranging some more details and finally buying birds.
 Mostly, it is also 12 hours a day. We have learned to do some new things that we will probably use in the future if all this fails. Of course, a joke. I do not even think of anything like that.
The whole story began to flare as slowly as I imagined. Nothing overwhelmed. People started to interest themselves because they saw homes and saw that something was doing there. Tourists who also started to approach the nearby autocamp. When we tell people who do not know what's going to be, it's going to be a bird park (Zoo), delight.

In any case, the worst part in life for now. And not to be bored, we are also preparing programs and exhibitions of birds, as well as so far, by tourist companies, and as new and new ones have appeared this year, and some that we have done so far have increased the number of performances and put us into new facilities , this season will be mad. And of course the cream at the end, every night we will have to be on Poreč waterfront and work the marketing part, ie photography with birds and sharing the flayer, ie direct promotion of the park. You learn everything in life if you need to. Anyway, no resignation, get ahead.

Once again I apologize for not writing a post since January, but now you understand why.
You can track us all on Facebook and Instagram under the names of course "Papago Park Croatia", there is a lot of it published there. And that's for now!
And yes, if someone wants to help prepare for the opening, the help is good because we have a race with time. You can check in to the Facebook page "Papago park Croatia" and we will be extremely grateful to you for any help and of course we will be delighted.
Stay up to the next post, hopefully soon.
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