Published : 21.11.2018.
Author : Bernard Kranjec
Body language
One of the prerequisites for getting in touch with a bird (parrot) is to understand the language of a bird's body. At first, when a bird comes to your house, recognizing body language is the only way to understand what your bird wants. At first the bird is not interested in looking for food, not looking to go to bed, not being asked to go to need. All these actions and many other things in the beginning, the bird shows the body, which we (you) need to learn to know what the bird wants or how it feels right now.

Eg. How do you know that the bird will crawl? Of course, by the body's speech or overcoming it before falling. If you keep the bird in your hand, the bird suddenly becomes restless and wants to go somewhere, and until then it was quiet and normal, it meant that it had the impulse to make it kaka and it became disagreeable and knows it is unusual for this action. If it has not been learned to cuddle in an outdated place, after a short time it will do it on you. Shit!

After the bird is agitated (it has become restless), it follows the action before it cleanses, ie it lowers the back of the body and PURE!
Remember this, not to be crap.

There are still many body language situations, and some I'll mention to you:

"The wailing tail is a sign of good mood
- The extension is a sign that the bird is healthy, but also happy and ready to contact with you

-the one-footedness is a sign of rest, and if you follow it a bit more, you will see that the bird changes the leg, ie, lowers one and rises the other leg. So the bird resting his legs. Since birds are all their lives on their feet and even sleeping, this is the only way to rest them. If you notice that they do not change their legs for most of the day, it means that there is some problem with the leg and that is why it is sticking to it.

-Podding, shaking and then dropping the feathers, means that the bird sets its feathers. Each pen has its place, and if one pen is not in its place, the birds set them in this way.

-Tribing a toe similar to a toothpick is an action by which the bird sharpens its lower part of the beak, sliding it over the top. In this way, besides sharpening the lower part of the beak, in the upper part of the beak, if you look at the profile, a "tooth" is created where the stuck food (seed) is stuck and the bottom beak stops.

-A clearing and narrowing of the pupil's eye can be a sign that the bird has noticed something that does not match (something new), a sign of anxiety and it is a recommendation that at this time you do not touch the bird because it could even bite it.

-When you see the bird in the squat position and the slightly spaced wings, it means that it is upset about something and it will go off.

  There are also several indications that the bird will be paired in the form of a chest of the whole body and the release of certain sounds. If the bird begins to behave the same when you have it in your hand and marry it, stop it with pampering because in the bird you are stirring up feelings of sexual activity, and if you do not have the bird of the same species and the opposite sex that the bird can mate, the bird will be disappointed. For this reason, avoid similar situations as these birds are subject to high levels of emotional damage.

Pay attention to bird's behavior, body language, as this is the only way to find out, especially at the beginning, of what birds want and how to behave in the bird's eye. Only good knowledge of bird's body language can prevent injury to us, but also with sudden reaction to bird injury.
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