Published : 04.08.2018.
Author : Bernard Kranjec
Although I have readable posts that I wrote before the summer, because in the summer we work 100%, although the temperature is 32° C outside, although I have determined that today will be a day of rest because we have worked a lot this week, I have to go to the park to record the video and write a review of the new product I purchased.

Looking at one morning Facebook and following various sites dealing with herbal plants, garden tools, ...., show me a few thumbnails of a craft (Goodwill Treasury) from Zagreb.

Have a weird gadget on the picture! I'm just kidding to see what's going on and bumping into a video presentation.
Hand-held freezer, plug, crusher all in one. Looks great! Now how effective is this, what is it all about?

I find a phone number and I call a man to hear what he says. I get it on the phone and ask me to explain a little about what the product is doing. Of course everybody is praising their horse, and so is Mr.. Goran told me all about this "machine".
So if you read my previous posts in one I talked about ecology and Eco Papago Park.

That "machine" would lend me into that story as a "slap". Namely, as we have described, the main promenades we have are about 650m and where they are all supporting. As much as
 the promenade is covered with a manger of wood, there will always be some weed out. The easiest to remove the weed and not to use the chemical is to wipe. We can not go to the promenade with a tractor, because it would damage the motorbike also, for the mother of all the tools, the "bolt", a bit too large, and I think it would be a good job.

And nothing, I order, so, I compile it and as I wrote go to the park try.
I come to that part of the promenade with which I have the biggest problem from the very beginning with a variety of herbs, wild boar and some plants, lowering the "machine" down and the gas.

Wtf, when those five plows started to rush hour! Considering that the promenade was well-sealed, and the stench-shaped plugs sprang in it like butter. I look at it and I do not believe it. I walk in one direction and in the other direction, smoothly lean the ground some 3cm deep (I let it go, and can go up to 10 cm), and the plates on the bottom of the dirt ground in fine pieces. When I tugged a piece I turned the "machine" upside down so that I could not eat more than just crush the plates better and land several times and look and wonder and I admire and I'm happy because I've found a way to help weed out and how to speed it up or something that does not need a big machine.

Of course, with this "machine" you will not be able to spin and plow Slavonian fields but for smaller surfaces, and if you do not have or want to have or you do not need a tractor or a motorbike this machine is a law.What I have noticed is that the "machine" where there were holes or clusters of the earth, now it is all straight. With the "machine" I have also got a roller that has some jolts that serve to digest the earth when it is moist, I'll try it out when it's raining so let's see if it works nice work.
All in all very happy with the "machine". As Mr. Goran said he has the same broader one (this is 250mm, RTF-250).

As I have seen on his site, there are some other hand-made "machines" so if I need to, and for some I know I will, I'll take it and write about the experiences.

If you are interested in one of the "machines" see:

The video I've taken can be viewed in the picture:

And another thing I discovered today, surfing the Internet. How to use watermelon to the end?
When eating a watermelon, do not throw bark out of the outside of the crust (dark green) and peel off the white part remaining in the salad, sleep and that is it. There is a double delight today.
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