Published : 05.06.2018.
Author : Bernard Kranjec
Summer came back to us
There, the summer is approaching and the Papago team is slowly getting ready to start their activities.

As in the last four years, we will also exhibit birds at various places in the Istrian towns, and each evening we will be at the Porec waterfront, where all citizens and guests arriving in Porec can meet with birds, find out about them, get acquainted with the Papago Park project and ultimately photograph the birds.

This year, we will pay special attention to the Papago Park project on the Porec River, because this saga that lasts for 5 years has come to an end. This is how Loro and Thiago will be on the line with us last year, and during the day they are going to DJ and Fich.

We have saved a lot of novelties in the daily work, for each location different. Depending on need and desires, we strive to adapt to the demands of our partners, which we have more than last year and so demands are more diverse.

A river in Porec !!!!! Every day new people are new experiences. If I had known before that to be on the street with birds and to present and show how smart and dear animals are, so relaxing and less stressful, my life would probably have gone somewhere else.

Since I spent 18 years playing billiards playing and entertaining guests at hotels and restaurants, coming to the river was a discovery that I did not say delight to the limit that my first year of staying in the street was really sorry for the season ended.

The basic distinction between a hotel play and a bird's eye on the street is what you are playing as a musician (entertainer) in the hotel for a guest and you have to step in, have fun and often play what the guest wants to hear, I dare say even you have to be psychologist and know how to choose music. In other words, the musician is in the hotel for the guest, it is imperative for the guests to have fun.

On the street (row) is another story. We are not there for the guests, but guests come to us because of the bird and it changes things in the beginning. People volunteer, wanting to see something they can not see every day at home (some can do it), not to tell, make fotos with birds and publish them on social networks.

The atmosphere is much livelier. There are stories just about nice things (birds), people like to hear from "first hand" how to live and work with big parrots and is generally a great positive one. Of course there is a trick or cranberry in there, so you get a little bit idyllic, alright so it can not all be perfect. There are also funny situations, especially the various issues in which they are leading, I must say the Italians. One of their frequent questions is "Where did you find birds"?
We first thought that the noise ... ... so we laughed at it, so we began to admit that they were bird breeders and all that was following this story, but when we realized that it took the epidemic proportions then we started joking at the way we said that we "found birds in the nearby woods" and that those who fly with us freely should only be caught. The worst thing some believe in this story.

Since all of our birds are socialized and taught to young children, we have the ability to hold a large aura on their hands for 2-3 years. Kids are thrilled, parents even more because they really experience something unusual, and this proves to us when they come back after a year and show us pictures of last year as they painted and they want to go again and again. When such things happen then you know you are doing good things.
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