Published : 18.05.2018.
Author : Bernard Kranjec
You never have to give up when you come to the wall. You need to find a way to skip this wall, or in other words, "If a man gets into a negative state, gets information contrary to the expected (negative to it), it should be summed up and considered how to turn negative into positive or in his favor. Well, it just happened to me that I entered the design project, not to say the construction of the Papago Park.

I created a picture in my head to make the park look (so crooked) and started to make the public tender to get the needed land. When I did that part, I signed the contracts, in order came the project. To make a project, you need to have a vision that you convey to a designer (architect), and he puts that idea on paper. Before I conveyed his idea, I started studying "little" laws. In the contract I received from the Ministry of Agriculture, I observed some prohibitions and restrictions that definitely did not fit my idea, that is, my idea does not fit into the laws that the ministry imposes. And there is a problem !?

Namely, the law on the preservation of the Croatian forests says that any construction on the forest land is prohibited, that it is forbidden to bring unnatural materials into the woods, forbid the destruction of forests, etc. And what now? Well, exactly what I said at the beginning of the post. You're a little bit obsessed, disappointed, you do not know what you are doing right now and went into that story, opened the firm, got land from the state you have to pay, ...... I was sabotaging, rejecting the old idea, and started looking for a new one. It's good that I'm creative so I did not have much trouble switching to plan B. Make it all up! Under construction, it is necessary to do everything that can be removed at any time if necessary.

Okay, objects, bird habitats, fencing will not be a problem, but, for example, a walkway, how to make it and to be the rule? There was a little surfing on the Internet, I did a little bit of work and came up with a new idea. A new consciousness awakened, I was awake!  Make everything in a way that creates the conditions for the "eco" sign. Make "eco Papago Park" where everything will be of natural materials as much as possible, a park that will not use any poisons, a park where natural compost will be used instead of artificial fertilizers and a park where the main goal will be to preserve birds , the preservation of the habitat in which these birds live, and ultimately the preservation of nature.

So the houses will be wood-mounted, that the promenade instead of concrete or artificial panels goes to the so-called mulberry tree, that all the signs will be made of wood instead of plastic, ... .. The only dwellings for some birds must be made of metal and galvanized wire, because some species of birds will damage the woods. Also everything that is done in the park is the foundation of respect for nature. And how deeper I enter the park (I deliberately did not say building because it was forbidden in the woods) so new and more original ideas came to me.

Some work that has to be done in an ecological way is not easy. We walked the walkway seven times with various tools to get flat and usable without weeds and stones that we will eventually get tiny and walled with a wooden fence. In the park where there will be horticulture, there are a lot of blackberry which is difficult to eradicate and no use of herbicides (I would not use it ). We walked through the surface to get to the roots and raise the remains of blackberry and roots.

Physically difficult but ecological. And so I get back to the start, Plan B is so elaborate that it has finally become more interesting than the original plan, of course it's a great challenge to make such a project, and respect nature is even more challenging, and the biggest challenge will be to convey awareness of conservation nature to other people especially to young people who come and leave the country to manage it. If we do not awaken them to keep nature, Plan B will be unsuccessful.

There, so one wall, the problem before I came, awakened consciousness in me about the preservation of nature.
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