Published : 27.04.2018.
Author : Bernard Kranjec
In one post I wrote that I would write later in other posts, so now I write in this post what I said I would write in other posts. (Let me know how Gina will translate this sentence into English). :-D

The existence of birds (parrots) with us, as we have already said, is at a very low level as far as big parrots are concerned. This is expressed to the extent that those who have a big parrot have the problem of purchasing equipment for such a bird. Well, somebody decides to buy some of the Macaw and go shopping in some zoo store. If he had a fortune in a better-equipped store he could find the most basic thing, and that is a cage. The cage for Macaw should be bigger, min. 1m2, or that the bird can spread the wings.

Most of the new shopping cages have the upper part made to open, and a stack is inserted so the birds can stand. That's practical, and replaces the classic rack for birds. So now is it big enough for that? Yes, that is one of the problems that the parrot owners encounter. Due to low standards of people, disinterest, occupation of daily problems and even more reasons, the number of people who have a medium or large parrot like a pet is small.

Of course, then, that kind of bird is small and the zoo stores are not worthy to keep something in the warehouse for what they know they will not sell. So we are the owners of such pets being condemned to deal with how we know. Fortunately, we have entered the EU so you can order from other countries, you can order from non-EU countries, but it does take long and shiping can be quite expensive.

About the various toys it is meaningless and to talk. In stores it is possible to find some of the toys that in most cases will not be adequate for medium large and large parrots because they are made of material that is not suitable for birds (plastic) or too low, so when you put such a toy into the cage it breaks in a minute . I recently had to buy a small cage for a Senegalese parrot, so I rushed to Pula for it, and I was forced to take a volunteer with a plastic branch and a plastic swing (disaster, at least to look like something) and I paid for it 50 euro.

Of course I removed the plastic parts and made from the wood by myself. That's why I bought a certain tool and I do the toys myself. I look to make toys to choose fresh wood with different hardness. Eg. combination of ash, oak. I cut it on rings, rolls, drill holes, and push a thicker spit and hook it to the cage. Birds have thus obtained a natural toy that is not treated with paints or protective coatings, is strong enough that the bird does not creak immediately and costs nothing but a little walk on the woods and creativity.

All satisfied! Also, it is impossible to buy a bird's-eye stand in our house. It can be ordered from the outside but it is difficult to find and are quite expensive. That's why I decided to make them alone. For my birds I made of olive tree. Well, you, who read this post and need a rack, feel free to contact. And one more thing I would mention in this post, with regard to medium and big pepper, is food. My birds feed 90% of fruits and vegetables and 10% of seeds. I do this from day one and I will do it in the future.

When buying a food, be sure to check out the composition. Of course I'm talking about grain food. It is not the rule that the most expensive food is the best. I use food from a single supplier from Zagreb. The food is varied and the birds are eager to eat, which is the most important thing to me. Al 'shorten the food for now, I will write a special blog about it. I think I covered everything I needed. If you are interested in anything, you would like some topic to be processed, let me know if I can write about it, and if I do not know, I will ask those who know and write again. Be well!
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