Published : 13.04.2018.
Author : Bernard Kranjec
Ecological park design
As soon as I went to the Papago Park adventure I knew I had to do something special. Birds are interesting in themselves, but it is by no means enough to present them to people, at least not me.

And that, when I entered the forest and started with the first cleansing, ideas began to come. What will it look like, what the contents will be except birds, where will be the entrance, what will be the fence ... ..and finally how ideas came to me and the forest conservation law is clear, a crazy idea came to me. Make a park that will have the name "eco" in front of it. To be able to get that sign you have to fulfill the mountain conditions so I went along that path.

The first thing I've done is the 650 m main promenade and some 500 m of sidewalks. One of the main features of environmental conservation is not to enter anything that is not natural in nature. And that will be my guide to building a park, and later on in maintenance. As I said, the first walkway was made. We worked it for about 10 months, because we had to break through the roads, take about 5-10 cm of humus, remove the weeds and plants on the driveway, and trim the ground and prepare for nature to do it.

We have traveled six times with different tools until we get the result we are satisfied with. After that, we let the frost make its own. After the frenzy, the earth was shaken and all the grunts broke down, and after that rain came out, which was all well, and that was the promenade. It takes a long time to build but it is worth it. Many will now wonder, and how will they walk by the mud when the rain falls? No naked footage left! We were looking for and thinking what to put on the footpath?

The artificial boards are not natural, pebbles are not a part of the forest, the concrete that I do not talk about, and so surfing the Internet I hit the site where the chopper chips are sold and a fantastic idea comes to me. Wooden chips! Anyway, I have too much waste bark in the woods and I do not know what to do with it, I put it in a chopper and get a perfect soft footbed, do not fall into the wheelchairs like a gravel, under the mullet there is no weed. I just have to buy a chopper, not a cheap one. And I bought it. It was a machine that paid me in the first two months.

The second question was how to build companion facilities to meet eco-conditions. There was not too much thought. Three prefabricated wooden houses and a wooden pavilion. What they will need to be of metal are bird habitats. And it could make most of the construction of wood, but since it's in the woods, the construction should be coated with various protective means that are poisonous to birds and this is definitely not in "eco".

Also one of the environmentally friendly solutions is solar panels for electricity generation. Although we had to foresee a connection to the city infrastructure with the project, at a later stage, panel setup is planned.

We need water more than electricity, and we have found a solution by signing a pre-contract on the construction of a reservoir lake, which will collect water from the surrounding areas and distribute it to us "small" consumers. And we satisfy the "eco" conditions because we use water from nature. Of course we will use this water for watering and feeding birds.

One of the important blocks in that mosaic is building a compost, ie. places where we lay down all fallen grass and collected leaves. At the very beginning of the park construction, we dug a large hole of about ten cubic meters and put grass leaves in it, and with the help of rain and natural process of rotation we get compost and "compost soup" for planting, ie natural fertilizer, so we do not use it artificial fertilizer. And there will still be some interesting and practical solutions I just have to let go for some other post and some surprise.
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