Published : 28.03.2018.
Author : Bernard Kranjec
Socialization and training of birds
"If the bird trainer is easy to be, the coach would be everybody"! I am a poet! Crazy or fucking was the idea to start practicing bird training, but of course I'm so glad today. When I started talking to acquaintances, friends, colleagues I started to deal with, they were pale looking at me with some ridicule, behind me they mocked me, they talked to reinvent nonsense, etc.
The only one who believed me was my family. Even Mr Ivica at whom I bought the birds did not fully believe in the success of bird dress. The unbelieving was the bigger the more I had never been involved, so it was: "Look, now he will train the birds"! And just the lack of respect for the environment was an additional motive for me to do that today and I can say that I succeeded. I have left all unbelievers without text. And not only that I've created a story that has become my life I live today, and I've dropped almost everything (except music) I did and what I used to live.

And I can not say it was easy. And it was not easy. Considering that in Croatia and in the wider country, training of birds is a big unknown, literature practically does not exist. Blessed Internet! But...

What can be found on the web pages of various "Bird trainers" from the United States. So it was then, only less and less modest. So I bought books about the training and socialization of a bird from a United States (president of the World Bird Trainer Association). He sent me books in PDF, some 15 books. I started learning, and it would have seemed okay to know English. Yeah, but I've been watching all those texts (of course without any pictures) and tried to figure out at least one sentence but no success. Unfortunately, I learned German at school, later I was using German and Italian in tourism, and when I needed something in English then I called my Gina to translate me. Well, now let me ask her to get me 15 books on the training of birds, she would throw me, books, and birds out of the house. And so I've left myself and the internet. The happiness is that at that time began to develop a Google translator or translator. So I started to translate. Try to see how Google translates today !?

Literally translating, replacing words, sometimes mixing genres ... etc., let's do it all seven years back. Disaster! You copy text, spell it into Google, and in the next half hour you're trying to decrypt what it says, what the poet wanted to say? Not the first grade of primary school but .. I do not know. It was not like spelling. The words were totally unrelated. When you read the sentence, you could not even figure out what you read. Passionately! It took me a while to figure out the essence of the written text. But a little bit, I read all the books. Even today, when you travel on Google, you have to rectify it because the sentences are translated literally. Alright, somehow I transposed it and then started reading the translated books, and then it was crap. In all 15 books the author did not reveal anything that I did not read on other web pages where the texts were free. Repeating some of the general exercises that you can read in "Pets" in "24 Hours", then what size of residence is needed if you want to get a medium big bird, etc. Disaster! Now what?

I spent money on books and information nowhere. Then I started to read (through Google Translator) a bit of forums, websites ... and came to know and apply them to my birds. Persistence, stubbornness, logic and some general knowledge began to produce results. The birds began listening to my commands, they started doing the simplest exercises, and I started to drop to their level of thinking and see how they think.

So I started with more serious trainings. Of course I learned some basics from the book, but most of that I had to understand. Soon you start connecting the exercises to birds and find a common logic. After some time the bird also begins to connect the exercises and then the trainings become easier for the bird and for me as a trainer. So my birds learned how to save toys, play basketball, save money in a box, raise a flag, etc ..... Of course I'm proud of it because when you see such results after so much effort and effort, it is indescribable. I think that athletes feel that after years of training they realize the sporting result of some big competition.

Bird socialization is a story for itself. I started it from the first day when the first bird came to me. The goal of socialization is to make birds fit to people, sounds, movements, surroundings, etc.
And I did it because I did not have any problems with birds when I came to bird encounters in any known or unknown environment. Human socialization is the most trained within the family, and I am particularly proud of what all the birds that are socialized do not give any child whatsoever, without the fear that the bird will do something to someone. There are limitations that I teach my birds to where they allow, so they do not allow others except me to muddle and beloved on their heads and bodies. I believe that the torture of birds to everyone's eyeballs, because I have seen some of the fellow who have birds and used them for taking photographs, allow people to take birds out of their backs, waddle and slumber, and those poor animals become nervous, agitated, wanting to bite after some time people, and they have to be removed and they usually end up again with the breeder. That's exactly what I do not want to do from animals, so I'm just controlling my birds, and that's the only way to guarantee that this bird will not be abused and will not do anything to anyone.

To subtract the line. What I initially said is that the coach is not easy to be, but when you get the feeling is invaluable, for the rest there is MasterCard.
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