Published : 20.03.2018.
Author : Bernard Kranjec
Mining .......
"In the beginning was the word", so the gospel of John begins. "Initially there was an idea" begins, and now it is already a long period of construction or creation or launch or as already the Papago Park. Maybe a little crazy idea, maybe too big a bite, but then when everything went, as any entrepreneur follows your own vision and you have a picture of the whole project in your head and then you're crouching and there is no return, let's go the next.

When the idea came, of course, I longed for "yes or no" and of course it fell to "yes". I sat down on the computer and asked Arkad for the adequate land that must of course meet certain conditions, some of which are not private property, property rights resolved, there is a possibility of building an infrastructure, good traffic connectivity and could still be listed. And of course I found the plot. I checked in the cadastre whether it was clean and I went to "conquering". There was a lot of paperwork out there, a lot of mails were writing, a lot of doors knocked over until I got a clean picture of land. Then it was supposed to get land for rent and there are problems for Croatian citizens. In order to be able to apply at all, you must be a legal person or a trade company or a family farm. For the job I'm thinking of dealing with and the breadth that I mean covering, the trade and the family farm are too questionable, and the partners I'm thinking of doing business as a trading company look badly, and for the family farm I do not even speak. And so I decided for the company. There is a public announcement, I get it, and because of incomplete documentation I do not pass.

Good to raise the need for a beginner. I immediately get notified of the other contest I've been quoted and given the first shortcoming, correcting it and passing it. Days of pride and glory! I thought I did 50% of the job and I was not in the beginning at all. Within a short time I make two more competitions and finally get the land that I wanted and how much I wanted. That story lasted about a year and even more. I must emphasize that I was initially given advice that I would have problems with state institutions especially with the Croatian forests, but I have to praise these people because they did not do any problem, but they helped me as much as it was in their power. These were not acquaintances, I did not come to these people through any connection, but as an ordinary citizen of the Republic of Croatia. Also with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry I had no problems.

By collecting all the paperwork, I get to the city's institutions to go to the collection of paper about the city. When I told them to open the bird park or the zoo garden. What??!!! There was not such a fool with such an idea yet. Now what? Where do you start from? Zoo ???? And there was a stretch, persuasion, explanation in the end, and I pulled my hat on the courtesy of time, patience and patience. I managed to get the papers out and as a winner came out of another administrative battle. This is already the second year and I'm still on paper. And then comes the worst part of our Beautiful Activity.
I am writing to the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development. By their instructions I collected some paper, not to hang, write a business plan, I do not know how many pages, I never did anything similar in my life, and I had no one to ask. Give an agency to write to you, it will fire you on a wallet.
Okay, I did it, Google was of great help, and that day came and I sent everything to Zagreb. It's been a while for some time and a good aunt from the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development has told me if we can talk a bit to clarify some other things. We have done this and I see a great positive and the feeling that it will be something of that loan. After a while, called me the same aunt who led me the subject, so that she and two other colleagues would come to Porec to see the place of the project Papago Park. And there were really three aunts in the official Skoda.

I was waiting for the girls from the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development at the gas station and headed for the woods. I count on reading a business plan, looking at all the papers and knowing they're going to the forest. We came, parked, got out of the van, and I'm waiting for them to come out. Finally, they came out, and I coul not belive what I see, all three aunts on high heels?! I mean, they have boots in the car. Like the rage, the day before rain came down and there was mud to the knees. I look at them, they look at me. We look at it. One of them asked (maybe some boss), "where is that"? I showed them, "here's all this." Then they guessed where they came.
Basically We did not walk longer, We walked through the whole woods of the newly-made walkway, from which I removed the leaves that had any such mudguards. Wow, what the hell at the end of our walk.

They did everything, they photographed the van 10 times because they liked Papago's park and mascot and left. And I thought for some lunch or at least a drink, but they did not give up. Whether they were professional or shy to go to restaurants with such muddy heels, I do not know. When it was over, I was almost sure I got a loan. Some good acquaintances of the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development have told me that this is all. And then the place, time and the country in which we live is expressed. Affair "Agrokor"! Well, do I have to be such a bribe to send credit papers when Todoric? Of course they send us a few rebuttals and Todoric approves a 380mil.

I will not write what amount I asked for because I'm shameful, that should not be shameful to me than to someone else. As a justification for rejection of project lending, they wrote: "According to our calculation methodology, your project is high risk". You may think, high risk, and not even 0.5% of Todorić's 380mil. Not to talk about the guarantees I gave them. Then you realize how ordinary a man is small and helpless. Luckily I'm a fighter and my motto is "Vivere militare est" so I will not easily give up. I'm going to write another financing when I close the financial part because ...
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