Published : 13.03.2018.
Author : Bernard Kranjec
How much money so much music
The presence of parrots and other birds as pets in relation to dogs and cats is small.
Why? There is a lot of reason! From impossibility of keeping, bird care, and even to their price.
People who live in small and enclosed flats where their complete life takes place in one room, possibly a bathroom and a toilet as a second room, of course, have no place for a pet, especially not large, because it requires a larger cage, then if they just want to have a pet choose a cat or a small puppy.
Another, perhaps the biggest reason for the lack of parrots is their price, especially the big ones. Most people want Macaw for a pet, especially if they establish a contact with Macaw that is socialized as my Thiago. And if the parrot draws a slip or makes a word, and there is love at first glance. This love lasts until the person reaches the price of the bird. Then the majority of the sympathy was gone. You can tell such people that there are smaller and cheaper birds, but in vain. They would like that bird but at a lower price. Of course you are only rarely able to afford a pet that costs a few hundred and up to a thousand euros. And that story ends.

To be the owner of such a pet, several things have to be covered. Okay, maybe a little overwhelming, but not too much. I caught up with the blue Macaw (Ararauna), which is the price of 7,000 kn- 1000 dolars, for an adult bird or a baby to nurtur, a bird of a breeder who has been illegally breeding, is lucky and has more than a few in a litter, up to as many as 19,000 kn for a bird of a controlled breeding where you will get the bird one hundred percent healthy, that it is not from parents who are in blood relationship, that they have no illness, that they are ring-fenced and that they get all the necessary documentation and that they are manually nurtured.

The second thing you have to satisfy to buy such a bird is that you have to be a great fan of giving so much money to it. First of all, you have to have the money at all to get away from buying a parrot that costs so much money. The third thing is what I mentioned at the beginning, a space for holding the aviary. Now that's the logic. There's a 30-square-meter apartment that's supposed to have no two thousand euros, as it does, he would not live in 30 squares. Honest Exceptions!
And now that I have explained this somewhat, I will explain to you the other side of the medal or the purchase of the parrot from another angle and perhaps prove that the parrot is not at all expensive.
It is true that you have to pay a lot of money at start, that you have to make money for the aviary because it can not be small if you buy a big parrot. You have to buy toys that you will not find in your country and you will be able to order over net at the online Pet Web shops, and you have a total of at least four to five thousand kuna and we have reached up to 23 thousand.

A lot of money! But what did we get for it? We got a parrot who, as a kid, I like to say the empty "Hard Disc" as well as any younger lively being. Inadequate, sweet and needs only petting and attention. Such a young bird you form what it will be in the future. You socialize, you make sure that while you are home it is with you, it acts equally to all people, not to grieve the guests who come to you, to repeat words, etc ...

You get a pet that, if you bought it at a breeder, you will experience a lot, many years. It is said to be left in the testament. Parrots can live, depending on the type of parrot, from 30 to 80 and even 120 years. Those 120 I will explain later. You also get a parrot with which you do not have to go at least once a year to vaccinations, which you do not need to walk three times a day to make the necessity and the parrot that, if properly eaten, eat some fresh fruit and vegetables, and mix the seeds, one bird amounts to no more than 10 kn. I can not and will not impose cost-effectiveness and compare parakeets with other animals, but I just state what gets and what is lost and the buyer is to evaluate.
In any case, if you decide to make a parrot as a pet, do not just keep it closed in the aviary, but allow it to become part of your family, and this applies to other types of animals, you have to be aware that animals are living beings.
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