Bernard Kranjec
Who am I, where am I, where did I get born? Is this a concern? I'll tell you that too!

I was born as a very young, :-) in Pula, grew up in Poreč, finished primary school in Poreč, a middle school in Buie. I entered the University of Rijeka's entrepreneurship study, which I did not finish because I was inconceivable after all the IT competitions that I had, to listen to the basics of information every Saturday, how to open a folder, how to use a calculator on a computer .... and this is under threat that I will not get a signature in the index. Of course I tried to talk to the professor (70 years), that it was unnecessary and that I was an extraordinary student, but in vain. Then I did a few jobs so I did not bother to stay or give up.
From 1995 until 2010 I was employed permanently in family trades and since 2000 I work as part-time musician for Istrian tourist companies. In 2001 I marry and today I am a happy husband and parent of two beautiful children.

I always wanted to have the birds and I gave it up in 2003 when I got the first Tigers, and in 2012 I get the first Macaw and Cacatua and decide to dedicate my life to the birds. I finish my course on the internet for a bird trainer and started to teach my birds. Today I have 10 different types of parrots, of which four are in training, four in breeding and two parrots I have been homed. In 2018 I became a member of the Croatian Ornithological Association.

Three years after the purchase of the first parrots in 2015, I started to run programs for children in tourist companies and until today I have been perfected and successfully presented, and every year I bring novelties. Approximately at the same time 2014-2015. I open Papago and I begin with the preparation of paperwork and the field to open the first bird park in this area, I'm looking at the money on the banks and torturing me with the closure of the financial structure. I guess those in the